When the American Center invited me to be their guest speaker at Friday Talk, I was unsure of what I was going to talk about. After I took time and thought of my life back then though, I realized that my life has taken a brand new direction since this word “volunteer” came to my life.


I cherish such moments. It always feels so good to share like what I just did in this photo.

To me, volunteerism is this beautiful concept of Love that not only made me changed as a person but that also made me want to be a change maker in my little world. Wikipedia, Google, and Encarta have got their own definition of volunteerism. You might have yours too. But I personally love to think of volunteerism as a language of love. For a moment, I want you to think of your spouse, your boy/girlfriend, or just your loved ones (I am pretty sure you have at least this person in your life whom you cannot possibly imagine living without). What do you actually do when you want to show them love? The list is by no means exhaustive but I am sure these are things that you might do: telling them “I love you”; blowing them a kiss; spending quality time with them; reminding them how amazing they are; giving them gifts when you feel like it…For me, volunteering is exactly like that. I personally volunteer because it’s my own way to say “I love you” to my community. When I speak this beautiful language of love, I can see “hope”, “happiness” and “life” in my community’s face.

In his book “the 5 love languages”, Gary Chapman talks about 5 possible ways of showing love. As I started to speak these languages while volunteering, I could gradually amazing changes in people’s lives. I guess that is partly why I named my talk “Volunteer for change”…just because I was the one who got changed first when I first volunteered. Changing the world into a better one would have not made any sense at all if I had not been changed myself. To me then, changing the world into a better place is a choice that only you and I can make. I am actually learning how to speak this language of love everyday as I devote my time to volunteering. After all, practice makes better, right? I know it’s not easy but I know for a fact that the more I give the more changes I will see. That prompts me to keep it up no matter how hard speaking this love language might be!


Q & A

“Share Love for change, volunteer for change”

Volunteer for change

(this is to give you an idea of what my Friday Talk presentation was all about. You would probably not picture the whole presentation as I was talking, interacting, moving and even ended up showing my audience 2 small videos but I am hoping thanks to this PowerPoint, you can at least get a sense of what it was like.)


Volunteer for change

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